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Edison Rotary Seniors of the Month

November 2018

  • Matthew Dekovics

    Matthew is a senior at Saint Joe’s. He has two younger brothers and currently resides in Milltown. He has excelled academically and is highly respected by his peers and teachers. Matthew plays for the school’s varsity golf team and has been playing golf for more than 10 years. His favorite subject is math and he is currently enjoying taking Calculus BC. Matthew is a peer mentor in school, and completes many service opportunities in and around his local communities. In college, he is interested in studying Landscape Architecture and would like to go to North or South Carolina to study and take advantage of the warm weather. As a career, he would like to be an architect of golf courses.

  • Aniket Agnihotri

    Aniket has made significant contributions to the Saint Joseph High School community. He currently serves as the Editor-in-Chief of the Falcon Newspaper, is a major contributor to the Vignette Literary magazine, is a member of the student council and is heavily involved in many other clubs and activities. Aniket enjoys helping others as a tutor, both in and out of school, specializing in the math and science areas. He is enjoying his very challenging senior year schedule and hopes to pursue a double major of computer science and chemical engineering in college. On a personal level, Aniket lives in South Plainfield with his family and younger brother who also attends Saint Joe’s. Aniket has a big passion for cars and enjoys spending his free time watching automotive and engineering videos online to increase his knowledge.