Scholarship Opportunities

Saint Joseph High School is proud to offer incoming freshmen and current students an opportunity to be awarded Merit-Based Academic Scholarships. The goal of our Scholarship Program is to honor students’ achievement and to afford them the opportunity for continual growth at an institution of academic excellence, where all students are challenged to achieve their potential in order to prepare them to meet the needs of a changing world.  Academic scholarships are awarded to well-rounded students who score in the top tiers of the Saint Joseph High School Entrance Exam and who demonstrate holistic excellence, including but not limited to, academic performance, extra-curricular activities, and service.  

The academic scholarship opportunities for the upcoming school year are listed to the left. Please click on the appropriate link to read more about the academic scholarships for which you may be eligible, including considerations for each.

Each student has the opportunity to apply for one or more of the academic scholarships for which he may be eligible, but if selected, each student  will only be awarded one academic scholarship. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

We thank you for your interest in learning more about Saint Joseph High School and our academic scholarship opportunities. If you have any questions regarding Admissions, Academic Scholarships, or Need-Based Financial Assistance, then please contact the Admissions Office at or at 732-549-7600, ext. 221.