Bioethics Society
The Bioethics Society seeks to understand and approach issues in the scientific arena through a careful study of the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church, and, in particular, the writings of Pope Saint John Paul II, Pope Benedict XVI, and Pope Francis.

The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith states, “Human history shows…how man has abused and can continue to abuse the power and capabilities which God has entrusted to him, giving rise to various forms of unjust discrimination and oppression of the weakest and most defenseless.” (Dignitas Personae)

As society becomes more scientifically advanced, the thoughtful individual must ask pertinent questions and ensure the guiding principles of our faith are followed. 

There is no greater threat to the sanctity of life than science devoid of morality.

We explore issues including, but not limited to, abortion, dignity of the person, end-of-life care, organ donation, and stem cell research.

We assert that scientific progress and faith are not opposed to one another, but rather, inseparably intertwined. The guiding principle of the Bioethics Society is the integration of faith and science into everyday lives. 

Through discussions, films, seminars, and guest speakers, the Bioethics Society seeks to lay a strong foundation for the advancement of science in a responsible and ethical manner.

The Society is open to all SJHS students and has scheduled meetings every first and third Friday during Unstructured Time in room 109. 

Please see Mr. Michael Varco with any questions (