Student Safety Ambassador Program

The Student Ambassador Program is in its seventh year of inception and is affiliated with Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital Trauma Unit.  Each year, thousands of children are seen in the Emergency Centers and become patients of the Trauma Unit for preventable accidents.  The Student Ambassador Program connects high school students with children in first and second grade classes to teach them ways to stay safe.  The topics discussed with the children include: Bicycle Safety Car Safety Wheeled Sports Safety Preventing Falls Junior and Senior high school students are eligible to participate in the program.
 For the 2015-2016 school year, Saint Joseph High School has three teams of young men who will visit our local Catholic schools to present their programs. The schools we will be presenting to this year are; Saint Matthew in Edison, Perth Amboy Catholic, Saint James in Woodbridge, and Saint Helena in Edison.  Presentations are on the following topics: Falls Prevention, Wheeled Sports, In and Around Car Safety, and Pedestrian Safety.

This year's teams are:

Gil Gerard Austria
Reginald Bonsol
Cristian Butrico
Peter J. Catalano
Tyler Catania
Joshua de Castro
George Ibuna
Evan Formisano
Amritpal Jagra
Joshanveer Johal
Tomasz Kasztelan
Adrian Lee
David Marques
Brian Mathew
Elrod Owusu-Among
Roderick Perez
Justin Santiago
Jacob Senkewicz
Mohit Varma
Jonathan Zebrowski

Officers are as follows:

President - Mohit Varma
Vice President - Brian Mathew
Secretary - Elrod Owusu-Among
Public Relations Director - Reginald Bonsol

 For any additional information, feel free to contact Dr. Ellis or Ms. Canciello by email...

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