Student Handbook

Mission Statement

Saint Joseph High School exists to provide a college preparatory, liberal arts education for young men.  In response to the gospel message of hope, the teachings of the Catholic Church, and the traditions of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart, the school endeavors to meet the needs and to promote the development of each student.  The faculty and staff strive to enable each student to cultivate the knowledge and skills that he will need to become an active member of society as well as to imbue each student with the values and convictions characteristic of enlightened Catholics.

The school’s academic program provides a systematic approach to developing overall intellectual, emotional, physical, and spiritual skills while encouraging critical and creative thinking commensurate to intellectual ability.  This program emphasizes the active role of the student in the learning process and his responsibility, along with that of his teacher, to develop his talents and skills.  Working together, their goal is a Saint Joseph graduate with a sense of self-esteem, an integration of religious truths and academic principles, and an eagerness to assume the challenges and responsibilities of adult Christian life.

Please Refer to the attached PDF for the Saint Joseph High School Student Handbook.