Robotics Team
***New*** 10/8/14 - Robotics Permission Slip, Commitment Form and Remind Code forms can be downloaded below.

The Robotics Team participates in local and national FIRST Robotics Competitions. This challenge brings together hundreds of teams of high school technophiles from around the country.

Using a standard kit of parts supplied by FIRST, each student team must build a robot in six weeks that will outscore other robots in an elaborate game, the rules of which change every year. During this six-week construction period, students work daily after school and on weekends to build and program the robot.

Students employ engineering, design, computer, and programming skills to construct their custom-made robot. The Robotics Team is open to all interested students who are able to commit their time and dedication to robot construction and competition.

The group meets weekly throughout the year, then daily during the six-week building period. They will attend at least two FIRST sponsored events and two off-season events, plus additional fundraisers and community projects such as the Bike Drive.

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