National Honor Society
NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY --scholarship GPA of 3.9 or higher by the end of the 1st semester of junior year—the Administration will determine --demonstrate desire to put service to others above self interest….. willing to do committee or staff work shows courtesy to others renders service through the school to others represents the school in various types of activities --take active, constructive lead/shows initiative successfully hold school office or other position of responsibility & perform w/efficiency contributes constructive ideas for the improvement of the school/influences others in positive way --highest standards of honesty, reliability, fairness, & tolerance of others --meets responsibilities to individual teachers & the school community recognizes the rights of others actively becomes a good influence on others upholds principles of morality and ethics --all above done by the end of the 1st semester of the Junior year --at least four ongoing or consistent activities in school --at least two ongoing or consistent activities in the community signatures from faculty/coach/supervisor/community leader verifying all + phone # --at least three leadership posts in school or community signatures from faculty/coach/supervisor/community leader verifying all + phone # --five faculty character evaluations (OPTIONAL) --free of disciplinary actions due to: academics (cheating, plagiarism), conduct, suspension, probation, Lateness/Absences—the Administration will determine --majority vote of the faculty committee --failure of the student to complete the selection process on time or properly=ineligible once a student becomes a member: --live up to all that got him in All society guidelines: --five (5) faculty recommendations (may be past, present, or other Saint Joe’s faculty member) OPTIONAL --perform service (yearly service component—presented to the Moderator when done each year) --demonstrated leadership --specific GPA (grade point average) & any specific academic admission requirements --nominees will be voted on by a special admission committee in each society set up by the moderator and the Dean of Studies (minimum 4 maximum 7—does not include moderator) majority rules --monies charged: are only to cover costs of certificates and badges AND must have approval in advance by the Dean of Studies. NO OTHER MANDATORY FEES OR DUES (unless approved ahead of time). --if the individual honor society wishes to order shirts or another item—cost paid by the INDIVIDUAL member (shirts are “extra” and cannot be mandated for all). All shirts and clothing must be approved IN ADVANCE by the Dean of Students, AND the principal --all officers shall be elected by membership of the honor society in secret ballot—verified by the Dean of Students --dismissal from any honor society will follow due process --discipline and character should be beyond reproach (major discipline or series of minor infractions may cause non-acceptance. The discipline/character will be finalized by the Administration as names are handed in ahead of time --any and all special or unique circumstances require approval of the Principal --no chords of any society will be worn at graduation --stoles (only one) may be worn at graduation- however National Honor Society stole will “trump” all other stoles. IF a student is not a member of the NHS but is a member of two or more subject Honor societies, he must choose one stole to wear