German National Honor Society
The German National Honor Society is an organization whose membership is open to those students who excel in German language studies.

In addition to enjoying the cultural
activities of the German Club, members also participate in the Interscholastic Declamation Contest sponsored by the Delta Phi Alpha chapter of the German National Honor Society at Rutgers University and Rider University. Our team placed first in previous years. Members also tutor underclassmen in German.

German National Honor Society Inductees for 2017 / 2018 are:

1. Patrick Alva

2. Emmanuel DeJesus

3. Austin Hill

4. Morgan Murphy

5. Nathaniel Owusu-Asumeng

6. Henry Schaeffer

7. Nicholas Scull

8. Stephen Walker III

9. Daniel Young

Beste Glückwünsche!

German National Honor Society Inductees for 2016 / 2017 are:

1. Maxwell Bischoff

2. Tanner Charydczak

3. Christopher Jones

4. Tomasz Kasztelan

5. John Oliveira

6. Andrew Thompson

Herzlichen Glückwunsch!

German National Honor Society Inductees for 2015/2016 are:

1. Thomas Bender

2. Arman Choudrie

3. Carson Coudriet

4. Connor Gallagher

5. Sean Holland

6. Jacob Lunn

7. Matthew Scull

German National Honor Society Inductees for 2014/15 are:

1. Alrick Cabales

2. Michael Dolegiewitz

3. Timothy Doran

4. Stephan Kozub

5. Daniel Krute

6. Stephen Meisenbacher

7. Jerome Ramos

8. Trevor Shannon

9. Thomas Vanderbeek

10. Brandon Wang

German National Honor Society Inductees for 2013/14 are:

1. Michael Buzy

2. Carter Coudriet

3. Jonathan Frey

4. Nicholas Krute

5. Brendan Lawyer

6. Andrew Meisenbacher

7. Luke O'Keefe

8. Dylan Oelkers

9. Brian Sullivan

German National Honor Society Inductees for 2012/13 are:

1. Nicholas Coco

2. Daniel Curley

3. Thomas Florczak

4. John Hipko

5. Anthony Leuszkiewicz

6. Matthew Miller

7. Zachary Willis

German National Honor Society Inductees for 2011/12 are:

1.  Phillip Bueno

2. Alexander Frey

3  Anthony Livingstone

4.  Edward Lubowicki

5. Nicholas Scotti

6. Daniel Sullivan
Herzlichen Glückwunsch!

German Honor Society Delta Epsilon Phi, Kapitel Delta Sigma
  • Students must be in their third year of German studies (Accelerated German – High School Level).
  • Minimum GPA: "3.6" (general). Students must attain an "A" average in German (of all semesters of their accelerated German studies).
  • Students must be an active Member of the German Club for a minimum of one year prior to the selection process.
  • Students must write a letter stating how they support their community (school, town, etc.).
  • Students must write a letter stating why they want to become a member of the German Honor Society.
  • Students must not have any infringements on their Disciplinary Records. (based on NHS)
  • Students must be accepted by the NHS Committee.

As a member of the German Honor Society
  • Students must maintain a 3.6 or higher in German.
  • Students help to organize German Club events.  
  • Students provide tutoring services to other German students.
  • Students provide services to the school (e.g. Open House, etc.).
  • Students participate in at least two service oriented projects throughout the year.
  • Students attend all the German Club meetings as well as the GNHS meetings.
  • Students are enrolled in German IV. 

All Society Guidelines:

▪ five faculty recommendations (may be past, present, or other Saint Joe’s faculty member)

▪ perform service (yearly service component—presented to the Moderator when done each year)

▪ demonstrated leadership

▪ specific GPA (grade point average) & any specific academic admission requirements

▪ nominees will be voted on by a special admission committee in each society set up by the moderator and the Dean of Studies (minimum 4 maximum 7—does not include moderator) majority rules

▪ monies charged: are only to cover costs of certificates and badges and must have approval in advance by the Dean of Studies. No other mandatory fees or dues (unless approved ahead of time).

▪ if the individual honor society wishes to order shirts or another item—cost paid by the individual member (shirts are “extra” and cannot be mandated for all). All shirts and clothing must be approved in advance by the Dean of Students, and the principal

▪ all officers shall be elected by membership of the honor society in secret ballot—verified by the Dean of Students

▪ dismissal from any honor society will follow due process

▪ discipline and character should be beyond reproach (major discipline or series of minor infractions may cause non-acceptance. The discipline/character will be finalized by the Administration as names are handed in ahead of time