French National Honor Society
The French National Honor Society is a service-oriented club for students who excel in studying the language and culture of France. The members volunteer many hours of community and school service as part of their commitment to the Society. Students tutor both at Saint Joe’s as well as at local grammar schools. The French National Honor Society, which meets with the French Club, is  open to any junior or senior with an ‘A’ average in French and an overall GPA of 3.8. Students must also fulfill ALL of the following requirements: 
  • The student must be maintaining an “A” average in French and a 3.8 or better cumulative average in all courses for all years as a Saint Joseph High School student. The student must also be enrolled in or have taken Accelerated/AP French IV. 
  • Personal Résumé, which must contain the following: a) all clubs/activities participated in at Saint Joseph High School and any leadership positions held in these clubs/activities b) any sports teams you have participated in at Saint Joseph High School c) any awards/recognition received at Saint Joseph High School d) any additional information that you feel will help admit you to the French NHS  
  • A letter stating why you feel that you should be accepted into the French NHS
  • A short paragraph proving your involvement in clubs/activities at Saint Joseph High School, signed by the club/activity moderator (*Membership in the French Club is mandatory for all school years leading up to the year of NHS induction. Any student that is not an active participant will not be eligible for membership.)
  • A clean disciplinary record at Saint Joseph High School (*as per the student handbook, “Cheating, plagiarism, etc. (even one time) will critically hurt honor society membership and induction.”) 
*All French NHS members must also adhere to all of the regular NHS guidelines.

**All of the above information will be reviewed by a committee of faculty members and administration, before any student is eligible for membership in the French NHS. This process is the same for all honor societies and is not exclusive to the French NHS.

***If a student’s GPA drops below the required 3.8 or better or encounters disciplinary issues any year after induction to the French NHS, his membership will be reviewed.

 All Society Guidelines: 
▪ Five faculty recommendations (may be past, present, or other Saint Joe’s faculty member) 
▪ Perform service (yearly service component—presented to the Moderator when done each year) 
▪ Demonstrated leadership 
▪ Specific GPA (grade point average) & any specific academic admission requirements 
▪ Nominees will be voted on by a special admission committee in each society set up by the moderator and the Dean of Studies (minimum 4 maximum 7—does not include moderator) majority rules 
▪ Monies charged: are only to cover costs of certificates and badges and must have approval in advance by the Dean of Studies. No other mandatory fees or dues (unless approved ahead of time). 
▪ If the individual honor society wishes to order shirts or another item—cost paid by the individual member (shirts are “extra” and cannot be mandated for all). All shirts and clothing must be approved in advance by the Dean of Students, and the principal 
▪ All officers shall be elected by membership of the honor society in secret ballot—verified by the Dean of Students 
▪ Dismissal from any honor society will follow due process 
▪ Discipline and character should be beyond reproach (major discipline or series of minor infractions may cause non-acceptance. The discipline/character will be finalized by the Administration as names are handed in ahead of time