Computer Club
Since its inception, the Computer Club has had two main goals: assisting the Technology Department and providing an educational experience for the club’s members. Members are given the opportunity to learn on surplus computers by rehabilitating old and broken equipment. They gain proficiency in diagnosing and replacing hardware, as well as by installing and configuring operating systems and programs. Computers that can be salvaged serve as backups for faculty computers and the workstations in the Media Center. Club members and leaders of the past have been some of the most civically minded young men to pass through the school. While the Computer Club does fulfill an important role in the Saint Joe’s Information Technology Department, the meetings are usually as much fun as they are productive. The only requirement for joining the club is an interest in computers; proficiency will come with experience. The Club meets once per week for two hours and every effort will be made to accommodate the schedules of all members.

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