Integral to the education provided at Saint Joseph High School is the formation of young men. In addition to course offerings, the school provides education beyond the classroom to promote self-growth, healthy attitudes, and responsible behavior. The goal is to assist students to realize their potential and provide them with skills necessary to pursue continued studies.

Guidance Department 
The Guidance Department consists of a team of counselors whose goal is to provide students with individual direction as they transition from middle school, navigate through high school, and prepare for college. Counselors assist students with course selection, study skills, time management, and standardized testing. They prepare students for college by providing opportunities to explore careers and by providing information on the college search process, the application process, information on military services, and financial aid. The Guidance Department is a valuable tool used to guide students through their years at Saint Joseph High School.

Saint Joseph High School strives to develop students into responsible, contributing members of society. Students use their talents to service the Saint Joe's community and the greater community.