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News and Announcements

Saint Joe's Delegation Successful At Model United Nations Conference!

Our delegation had a successful year at the Model United Nations Conference in Hershey, PA! Below is a list of all of the accolades our students acquired.

Abel Stephen was elected Head Chair of General Assembly A (the largest committee)

Isaac Alexander was elected vice-chair of General Assembly B

Isaac Alexander, John Smolenski, and Miguel Zavala were recognized as Outstanding Representation, Serbia.

Aarush Bhasin, Premier Country, Norway

William Sorge, CONA Delegate (his second time).

We also dominated Outstanding CRP's:

Council on Economic Advancement A:  Nicholas Justiniani, Peru, Saint Joseph High School

General Assembly B:  Isaac Alexander, Serbia, Saint Joseph High School

Legal A:  Davin Du, Pakistan, Saint Joseph High School

Political Security B:  Akshat Neerati, United Arab Emirates, Saint Joseph High School

Social Humanitarian & Cultural A:  Jack Bostjancic, Philippines, Saint Joseph High School