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Supporting the Saint Joe's Difference

Our 198-year tradition of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart is grounded in a holistic approach to education. We help each student to achieve his own personal level of excellence by affording him the opportunity to develop into a well-rounded individual from the total experience of the school setting -- including academics, extracurricular activities, formation, spirituality, and service. We share our same belief with all incoming families, "Today, you give us your boy, and 4 years from now, we will give you back a Saint Joseph Man."

As a Saint Joe's graduate, a family member of a graduate, or a friend of Saint Joe's, you know the impact that a Saint Joseph education can have on the lives of young men. You can help to make the Saint Joe's education possible for current and future Falcons.

The world needs Saint Joseph Men,

Please give a gift to the Saint Joe's Annual Fund by clicking here​​​​​​​