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New Students Reception

On Thursday, January 24, Saint Joseph High School held a reception for the students who have been admitted into the Class of 2023. Twenty one of our current students sat on a panel and fielded questions from prospective families to help them better understand SJHS and everything we have to offer.

Some of the questions that prospective families had were:

Q: "How much homework do you have on average per night?"
A: The amount of homework per night varies, but on average, our current students answered that they complete approximately 2-3 hours of homework per night, and they are easily able to complete it by prioritizing.

Q: "How do you meet girls going to an all boys school?"
A: SJHS offers many opportunities for our young men to meet girls. We hold dances every year to which girls from local high schools are invited. In our JusticeworX program, we work with girls from Mount Saint Mary's. We have a Cheerleading Team which is comprised of girls who don't have a Cheerleading Team at their high schools.

Q: "What is your favorite class?"
A: On average, our students answered that their favorite classes are also their most difficult classes because they push them to try harder and to think more.