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Public Speaking (Period 5)

Location: 107
  • 2014-2015 School Year


Each student in Public Speaking will be given this information on the first day of class. The form below must be signed by the student and a parent/guardian and returned by September 4th.

Public Speaking
Teacher - Ms. McGowan

Overview of Course
Students in Public Speaking will study the facets of communication, the skill of writing a speech, and the art of speaking in front of an audience.

Classroom Rules
1. Each student must be on time for class. If a student neglects to adhere to this
requirement, he must see his teacher at the end of the period before leaving for his
next class.

2. Always bring the proper supplies to class. Every student is expected to bring a three-
ring binder with loose leaf and a pen to class every day. In addition, on the day of a
scheduled speech, students must be prepared with speeches written on 3x5 note
cards. If a student neglects to bring any of the proper materials to class on any given
day, points will be deducted from his participation grade. All students will also need a
folder to be kept in the classroom to file graded material.

3. During activities, class discussions, and lectures, students must raise their hands
before speaking. In addition, students may not leave their seats once class has begun
unless instructed by the teacher. Calling out before being formally recognized and
moving around the room is considered a disruption in the lesson.

4 Students must always be considerate during other students’ speeches.
If a student in any way disrupts a presenter, distracts a presenter,
or is inattentive while acting as an audience member for a fellow classmate,
points will be deducted from that audience member’s grade.

5. All homework assignments must be handed in on time. Students will not be
permitted to return to their lockers for an assignment once the period has
started. Points will be deducted from the homework grade if homework is not
handed in on time. Homework assignments will not be accepted late.

6. Cheating will not be tolerated. This includes the copying of a fellow student’s
work. All students are responsible for protecting their own work. Personal computers
and documents should never be shared under any circumstances. All cheaters will
be disciplined. In the case of sharing work, both parties will be disciplined.

7. If a student is absent, it is his responsibility to see the teacher on the day he
returns to find out about work he missed. If a student is absent for only one
day, he is expected to make up any quizzes or speeches which were previously
scheduled for the day he was out or the day of his return. If a student is out for
a number of days, a make-up day will be scheduled for a later date.

Grading Policy

Quarter Grade Break Down :
Major Speeches 50%
Quizzes 30%
Homework 10%
Participation 10%

Major speeches and group presentations are worth fifty percent of the quarter grade. There will be 3-6 major speeches per quarter. Quizzes are worth thirty percent of the quarter grade. There will be 3-5 quiz grades each quarter. All students must be ready to present their speeches on the date assigned by the teacher. In addition, an outline of the speech must be handed in on the day of the speech. Points will be deducted from a student’s grade if he is not completely prepared to present with all the necessary materials.

Every student starts out each quarter with 100 points for homework. 5-10 homework assignments will be checked each quarter. If the student puts forth the effort to complete each homework assignment, follows directions, and hands each in on time - he will maintain full credit in the homework portion of the grade. Each time a student neglects to submit a completed homework assignment on time, ten points will be deducted from the 100 points.

The participation grade is based on a 100 point system each quarter. If the student consistently comes to class prepared with the proper materials, pays attention, takes notes, proves to have read the required material before class, participates in activities and class discussions, remains on task with the rest of the class, and shows a genuine interest in performing to the best of his ability, he can earn up to 100 points in the participation portion of the grade.

Detach This Portion And Return It To Class By The End Of The Week

I have read, I accept, and I understand the guidelines outlined for Public Speaking.
As a student, I understand that if I have any problems or inquiries regarding classroom policies I may speak to my teacher outside of class (either during the break period or after school). As a parent or guardian, I am invited to call Ms. McGowan during school hours with any questions that may arise throughout the school year.

Parent’s or Guardian’s Signature

Student’s Signature

Thank you for your cooperation,
Ms. McGowan

Homework: 80

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