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Food Service On-Line Payment Program

Maschio’s Food Services has been operating a Debit POS (point of sale) system in the Catanzaro Dining Hall for the students and staff at Saint Joseph High School. Instead of paying by cash, you may have your cash/checks/credit card payments deposited into your son’s account! The POS has reduced time-consuming cash transactions and makes our lunch lines move much faster. This method is also employed by most Colleges and Universities, where your son will be in a few short years.

For your convenience, we also have a new internet-based payment system, which allows you to conveniently pay for your son’s lunch via credit card or ACH (electronic check). This service also allows you to receive automated emails detailing your son’s account balance, which items he purchased for lunch, and if his balance is low, and to view what your son is eating in the dining hall. Additionally, like EZ-Pass, there is an “auto-replenishment” option which allows you to set up a low-balance threshold and automatic debit amount to replenish your son’s account. More information on this system can be found at, then click on FAQ’s. Please note that the on-line service is optional, and an ICF (internet convenience fee) is charged to all transactions, to offset credit card and web-site fees and maintenance.

Also, please note that while “good old fashioned cash” is still accepted in the Catanzaro Dining Hall, our hope is that many parents appreciate the ease and convenience of pre-paying for their son’s lunch. Think about it…no more lost lunch money…no more forgotten lunch money…no more “losing the change” to the $20 bill…your pre-paid funds are held safely in trust by the school and Maschio’s Food Services, so there is no opportunity for lunch money to be spent anywhere but in the school dining hall.

Please send in initial deposits directly to Food Services, or make your payment on-line. Note that we encourage you to send as large a $ amount as possible, for your convenience…the larger the amount, the fewer times during the year you will have to remember to replenish your son’s account. Checks/Money Orders are made payable to "Maschio Food Service." Please identify your payment with your son’s name, grade, and student number for accurate processing. Again, it is required that all students utilize the new debit system.

Additionally, please note that all funds left in your son’s account at the end of the school year will be “rolled over” to the following school year. If you have any questions, you may contact the Food Services Manager at 732-549-7600, extension 258.

Maschio’s Food Service

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Contact Information:
Name: (Cafeteria Manager)
Tel: 732-549-7600 x 258