Welcome to Saint Joseph High School. We are looking forward to meeting you and providing a personal tour of our campus, one of the top private Catholic boys schools in the state. Until then, please enjoy taking an interactive virtual tour. To view our facilities or to orient yourself to the campus, simply cursor over any building on our map, and on left column, the building name will illuminate. If you click on one of the illuminated building drawings on the map, it will show you what the building looks like if you were on campus. It will also show you "what's inside" in a series of thumbnail images underneath the main image ⁄ map. As you cursor over the thumbnail images, they reveal an enlarged view of the thumbnail over the map area and some descriptive text of what you are seeing below the thumbnails. Have fun exploring our campus.

Click on the highlighted building to see the name on the left and more images below. ↓
  • Main Building
  • Gymnasium
  • Cor Jesu
  • Brothers House
  • O'Neil
  • Woodburn Hall
  • Campus Grounds
Move your mouse over any image below for detail for a larger view.